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Lust ist der einzige Schwindel dem ich Dauer w√ľnsche. Lust ist alles.



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At a young age, I believed many agencies would help a lot. Therefore, the plural comes in the bar. Today I do not believe that anymore.

Commissioned work e.g.. for portraits and aerial photos in Basel, in Switzerland, in the Wiesental, in the Freiburg area and the Markgräflerland. Upon request, the hires data are immediately available for all photos on this website. All images on this website can be ordered on request directly from Lutz P. Kayser. Except for individual portraits - please ask.

Unless otherwise agreed, the prices according to MFM / SAB 2018 apply.

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November 3, 2017 The starling has just been named "Bird of the Year 2018" by the Nabu. In Huningue, near Saint Louis, near Basel, more and more starlings have been gathering since the beginning of October to fly south. I've been there almost every day for four weeks to document this natural spectacle. Since I can not show any movies on my website, here is the link, click here: Facebook page. It was the last few days but significantly less starlings on the ground. No comparison to last week. It gets too cold for them.

October 9, 2017 My first music video went online (click here: youtube). It's the song "Sound on me" by Patty Moon. My part in it is the film work

Thank you very much to all my partners for the friendly cooperation in my "Portrait-Shootings incl" in August 2017!

Sat 5 August Café Bar Rosenkranz, Basel Sun.

6th August Saint-Louis-Buvette, Basel

Fri. 11th August BUFFET at the signal box, Basel Sun.

13th of August Café Villa Merian, Basel

Davidseck Basel

Werkschau / retrospective Exhibition: 19. - 26. August 2016 Working from: Lust auf Meer, 2016 | Symbols part I, 2008 | Picnic by the sea, 2006 | Nouvelles tendances abstraites, 2005 Daviseck Davidsbodenstr. 25 CH - 4056 Basel                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Symbols - Part I

by Lutz P. Kayser

Photographs 35 x 35 inches and 35 x 23 inches on Canvas

Exhibit: 14th June - 12th July 2008

Opening: Friday, 13th June 2008 at 7 p.m.

Sautter + Lackmann, Arts Bookstore

Admiralitätstr. 71/72, 20459 Hamburg

Mo. - Fr. 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sa. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone 040/ 373196


Galeries Artitude Paris

shows a choice of symbol - part I

Exhibit: 2nd - 13th of October 2008

"L´art contemporain international"

Galeries Artitude, Village Suisse

4, av. Paul Déroulède

75015 Paris

An introduction to the first cycle

An essay of Barbara Glindemann, art historian to the fourth exhibition of the hamburger photographers Lutz P. Kayser, with the title „symbol – part I“ in the bookstore Sautter and Lackmann.

Lutz P. Kayser introduces in this first cycle interpretations in the form of series and single photographs on the subject „Nearness – distance“. 22 Prints are shown at canvas: Size 35 x 35 inches and 35 x 23 inches in the portrait format, horizontal format or squarely.

In this short introduction I would like to speak of photographic symbols and the especially atmospheric kind of the expression photograph of Kayser. Just his symbolic photos have opened Kayser the doors to the famous agencies. I will begin with some remarks about the subject „Nearness – bring near to distance“ and then with the help of the following three leading questions me to the genre of the symbolic photograph and before this background venture some careful interpretations: 1. What is a symbol? 2. How does a photographic symbol originate? 3. How does Kayser generate photographic symbols by means of specific unsharpness? The subject of the issued photographs confronts the concepts Nearness and Distance with each other and produces a contrast. This antithetische configuration is of use Kayser for the photographic play with the observation of the world. Nearness and distance can be separated neither of each other, nor are actually possible to experience both at the same time. If we look at things at close range, we lose the distance. If we look at things from the distance, we lose the nearness. The distance brings us an overview and clarity. The nearness can make the border between space and body fluently. The beauty of structure and small details becomes suddenly visible. It is in such a way as if one could look into the things. In the area between nearness and distance the play begins with reality and fiction. Penetrating into smaller and smaller worlds.

The approx. 8-sided text will be available shortly completely as a download on this website. To begin with he stands on inquiry by eMail at possession.


Enquiries for photographs, formats, frames and materials

– guaranteed in limited edition of 100 prints – please to:

Representative Germany

Multiple Box Hamburg

Admiralitätsstr. 76

20459 Hamburg

Tel.: 040 - 37 51 75 10


Photoplomatie - Free, early and a lot work


"Pleasure is the only frenzy that I wish to be permanent. Pleasure is everything.” (Walter Serner, 1917)

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