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Deutsche Presse Agentur, dpa Picture Alliance GmbH, Frankfurt

At a young age, I believed many agencies would help a lot. Therefore, the plural comes in the bar. Today I do not believe that anymore.

Commissioned work e.g.. for portraits and aerial photos in Basel, in Switzerland, in the Wiesental, in the Freiburg area and the Markgräflerland. Upon request, the hires data are immediately available for all photos on this website. All images on this website can be ordered on request directly from Lutz P. Kayser. Except for individual portraits - please ask.

Unless otherwise agreed, the prices according to MFM / SAB 2018 apply.

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29. October 2018 super start of the crowdfounding with big releases in the press social media

These days I am more than delighted that numerous bird protection associations from Germany and Switzerland shared my crowdfounding with social media. Thank you very much for that! At least just as pleased I am about press releases with and the Sunday - on-line and printed. That is of course invaluable in my situation and I am very very grateful! But, how shall I say, there is hardly enough space here to appreciate each publication individually. I thank the editors for their understanding! My faithful readers I would like to read please in the  crowdfounding here under news each individually, with interest.

Thank you very much!

October 25, 2018 On 1st day of crowdfoundings almost 20% coverage and NABU twitters

On the 1st day of crowdfoundings almost 20% coverage, the hammer!! And I am very very grateful!

Many thanks also to NABU Germany for the friendly release on Twitter yesterday:

The Bird of the Year 2018, says goodbye: The starlings mostly move south and offer a wonderful spectacle. Maybe soon also as a film project? Here is an interesting crowdfunding project: click here

24. October 2018 My crowdfounding is started, juhu :))))

Click on this link to go directly to the project: click here

Many heartfelt thanks to all supporters! I am curious ...

Further information:

I took part in this competition at the Zurich Filmfest in order to develop my short essay film from the Staren projects further and to be able to cut it ready as well as to raise the license fee for the promised track with relatively little effort. Just to illustrate the diemensions: I made the short film for Zurich on a week-end and have been working on my short essay film for a year now. …

Even in the 13th month I still trust my starlings projects very much, the short essay film today more than ever. So I have not been able to reach little publicity and to win some international partners, which is not a matter of course for an unfinished work. Enthusiasm, passion and energy towards one thing alone are not standards to promote it. I don't want to promise too much, but the feedback so far from practically everyone who saw my first sound version of the short essay film on the computer, for example, was extremely positive, almost enthusiastic.

After I had almost gritted my teeth from the realization of my immersive installation in early summer, my short essay film moved to the top of my agenda in midsummer. Please pardon me, but if cultural departments from the Three Lands happily cancel my sponsorship because the starlings didn't fly over their town hall or, in an even more blatant case, a head of the film/multimedia department couldn't even distinguish my immersive installation from my short essay film in conversation, then I'll spare myself sending future, elaborately compiled dossiers there. Or a large foundation in Basel with three letters literally sent me by e-mail did not forbid me to submit an application. Without words.

Practical information:

Crowdfounding is a modern possibility on the Internet, where so-called initiates, like me, have their projects supported by a large crowd (a swarm, so to speak... ) in order to make it possible. I decided for the swiss platform wemakeit. It describes the crowdfounding for possible supporters as follows:

Make a project possible

For your financial commitment, you will receive rewards that will help you become part of the project and get to know the people behind it - these can be products, personal invitations or experiences. And all this without any risk: If a project does not reach its financing goal, your money will be refunded.

As far as I am aware, wemakeit accepts all possible payment modalities and payments from all countries of the world, except cash, e.g. from Germany, France or of course from Switzerland :)  A previous registration is unfortunately unavoidable. I know, there are some prospective customers, who do not like to reveal data. If it would be complicated, I recommend to inquire directly with wemakeit. With personally the hands are tied, sorry.

Once again my heartfelt thanks for every support!

20. October 2018 crowdfounding to the short essay movie

A very intense year 2018 is going to its home straight. While I was filming and photographing the swarms of starlings in Huningue last autumn, I already had an idea of the subsequent effort I would have with the evaluation of all the clips and photos. This hunch should be more than confirmed ... At the end of the year it was already clear to me that I wanted to use crowdfounding as a means to realize my projects. So the crowdfounding matured about 10 months in my head. Now it's almost time: towards the middle, at the latest at the end of the next week I want to go online with my crowdfounding. It's already clear that the competition at the Zurich Film Festival was just a test run in terms of mobilization. Now, right now it's really important.

6 October 2018 Zurich Film Festival 72zff: was nothing - makes nothing

It was an exciting, exciting week. Thank you very much for your support, encouragement and your votes for my film! In the competition with more than 200 other contributions he ended up in the middle of the field. Congratulations to the three main winners and to the jury-top-10! My little film doesn't belong here either - it was nothing, doesn't do anything. Let's go on!

2. October 2018 online voting for my short film at the Zurich Film Festival only until thursday, 4. oct 18 p.m.


This is about winning the prize money with a silent short film made especially for this short film competition at the Zurich Film Festival in order to be able to pay the license fees (which could be five figures, but are only four figures, which I think is completely okay but don't have the money ...) for the soundtrack for my short essay film with the swarms of stars ... so with a silent film for the soundtrack ...

The link: click here

In the last newsletter I had already informed you that I had received the final promises from the music publisher from Berlin and the label from New York for this perfectly fitting music to my starlings recordings of a famous composer of contemporary music for the public screening of the short essay film on film festival glass. I find that sensational. I don't want to mention the name until the contract has been signed and I can pay the license fee ...

Since Friday noon one had 72 hours to make a max. 72 sec. film about the topic "guilty", which was mentioned first. There will be a Public Award with 4,000 CHF and a Jury Award with 5,000 CHF, each with a real bold endowment, independently of each other. The announcement will be made on Friday, 5 October from 10 p.m. at the awards ceremony in Zurich.


This new short film "EIn Kreislauf - von Schuld & Unschuld" is also only 46 seconds long. So I would be very happy if you would follow the link, watch my short film and/or others and even more I would be happy if you would vote for my film. So I think it would be a very nice story to be able to pay the license fee for my soundtrack with a silent movie, don't you? But be careful: my short film is different from most of them there. That can go down well, or not at all.


Of course you're welcome to share this info with your friends, if you like my short film, so that they could vote if they wanted ... so sharing would be very welcome, merci!


The link: click here

And yes, there's also an aperitif if I win ... :))

Thank you very much!

September 25, 2018 Portrait action until the end of October | Soundtrack promise from New York for my short essay film

Even the longest summer comes to an end, and so does this one. Since it was not ideal for a portrait shooting in the shade of 35 degrees in midsummer, I have extended my summer promotion until the end of October, if booked until September 30th - also as a gift voucher!

It is still true that I gain time with every portrait I book to take care of my starlings projects. Since the immersive installation is on ice, I am currently turning to the short essay film intensively. Here I can see some very positive developments. After about 20 versions without sound I recently discovered a track that fits perfectly to my recordings! So I actually have the promises from the music publisher from Berlin and from the label from New York for this perfectly fitting music to my star pictures from a famous composer of contemporary music for the public screening of the short essay film on Film-Festivlas. Even though the royalties - charged as non Proflt and no Budget art film - are kept very friendly, you present me with new challenges. But I can't resist this opportunity to add sound to my pictures so perfectly. It inspires me immensely to continue working on my essay film with this prospect. So it is not only a great honour for me to make my essay film to this music and to be able to show it publicly, but also a huge challenge to prove myself worthy of this musical masterpiece by the power of my recordings and also by the power of my composition of images. I will handle it carefully.

More information about the portrait offers can be found here: downloads on this page.

Thank you very much for your interest!

31. August 2018 A "special page" in the Badische Zeitung about the starlings projects

Fortunately, at the beginning of the week there was a very detailed article in the Badische Zeitung (newspaper) about the status of my starlings projects. Many thanks to Kathrin Ganter for her very friendly article! On Tuesday it was in the printed edition and here it would be free to read after registration at the BZ: click here

July 30, 2018 Letter of Recommendation from the Goethe-Institut Washington DC for my Staren Projects

On my own behalf: since I documented these huge swarms of starlings in Huningue near Basel for weeks in October last year, I have almost exclusively taken care of these projects for months. The core of all starlings projects is undoubtedly the immersive installation: here I want to immerse a room completely in swarms of starlings clips, i.e. all four walls and also the ceiling should show thousands and thousands of starlings in swarm formation on the walls with beamers. Thus the visitors may come as close to the swarms of starlings as I did with my cameras.

As this is a very demanding project in technical, conceptual and organisational terms, it costs time and money. Looking for partners, I was able to receive a letter of intent from the Goehte-Institut Washington DC for my starlings projects. I never expected to receive such a positive letter of recommendation with an invitation to the USA from the Goethe-Institut Washington DC for my Staren projects. But the director of the institute, Dr. Andreas Ströhl, even remembers me immediately after 20 years. As a film referent for the Goethe-Institut in Prague, he had invited me in 1998 with a Super 8 film programme and did not hesitate for a moment to give me this first-class recommendation. In between, Ströhl directed the Munich Film Festival for almost 10 years, the second largest film festival after the Berlinale in Germany. A recommendation from an appointed mouth.

So I hoped with the tailwind of the letter of recommendation from Washington to be able to obtain the necessary funds from the public authorities, foundations and sponsors until the summer. Despite my tireless efforts, countless e-mails and friendly words from the cultural departments of Basel, Lörrach and the DRAC in Strasbourg, my most demanding project is on ice for the time being. Because, after eight months (!) of almost exclusively taking care of my starlings projects, I have received a great deal of encouragement, but significant financial gaps have arisen. An artist's life is not seldom a fine line.

But lamenting and complaining is not my thing. In order to be able to continue my installation and close the gaps that have arisen, I would now like to portrait half of Basel artistically. With 100 portraits of Basel residents, I would again have a firm basis for continuing to work on the Staren projects. In Basel St. Johann, I was able to win four partners for this, each of whom has an extra for the quite inexpensive portrait shoot. In addition, I also offer portrait shootings for life (!!!). So I would like to keep my vision of the immersive installation alive. More information about the portrait offers can be found here: downloads on this page.

Every single portrait takes me one step further to the realization of my immersive installation. I am looking forward to bookings, thank you very much!

10. July 2018 Unique: now also lifelong artistic portraits can be booked as subscriptions!

These lifelong artistic portraits are detached from my summer campaign 2018. They take place once or twice a year by appointment. The really very special and unique thing about this lifelong shooting is that I now charge a prize that includes a lifetime of artistic portraits once or twice a year! This is not about snapshots, but about cultivated, artistic portrait shootings on location in Basel City. Places between Zell im Wiesental (D) and Basel are possible without surcharge. Other locations on request. Prices in Germany are in €. Each booking of a portrait subscription I understand as credit. This gives me the means now to take care of my Staren projects for services that I will mainly provide only in the future. Details are available under downloads on this website.

July 2, 2018 Artistic portraits in summer at four great partners in Basel

Yes, it's time again: in my third year now, I'm again offering well-groomed portrait shootings in Basel this summer, on location, where I can show off my strengths. For the first time they are also called artistic portraits to show that they are special portraits. I recommend my esteemed clients to get involved with me. The less leeway I have in the design and composition of portraits, the less I can of course design and compose the portrait myself. Experience has shown that the more my portrait clients got involved with me, the more satisfied they were. Without hectic rush, enough time for a handful of preliminary remarks, also to create a relaxed atmosphere during the shooting.

The extra je location means a consumption in one of the four restaurants of your choice. The shooting itself doesn't take place inside, but always outside. It doesn't have to be directly at the restaurant. It could take place e.g. also St. Johannsturm. Only in the St. Johanns quarter it should be as possible. I send the details on inquiry by email or by Whats App. But they are also available for download on this website under downloads. Appointments should normally be found within one week.

Especially I would like to thank my previous and new partners for the very friendly cooperation. There is the Café Bar Rosenkranz, so to speak the mother of my portrait shootings in Basel, the Saint-Louis-Buvette with its beautiful and shady places on the Rhine for delicious fish dishes, the very lavishly renovated PERRON on the tracks at the signal box, my home game and last but not least the Volta Bräu, which not only shows itself to be very open-minded and has freshly brewed beer ready for the World Cup with a lot of effort: thank you very much!

So I am very much looking forward to new faces, new people, exciting shootings and great portraits!

Merci et à bientôt :)

23 June 2018 The FIFA World Cup Public Viweing with Swiss participation

On Friday Serbia vs. Switzerland played at the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Thanks to the friendly cooperation of the Volta-Bräu in Basel St. Johann I was able to follow the action directly under the screen opposite the 300 spectators with my camera in time-lapes. At Telebasel it was first seen online and in the evening it was the first contribution in the news programme.

June 16, 2018 Art Basel - A Subjective Fast Passage as a Video

At Art Basel 2018, around 300 galleys with around 4,000 artists will be represented. It is almost impossible to get an overview. So I produced a subjective fast passage as a video in 1:41 min length. An attempt. An essay film.

Link: click here

28. May 2018 Art thieves in Basel

On Friday last week I discovered the absence of two pictures from my current, just extended exhibition. So far nothing suggests a "fun", so that I have to assume theft. This is both astonishing and regrettable. In a semi-public room, like the STELLWERK BASEL GALERIE (SBG), it is of course my risk. It's still a cheeky thing, though! And anyone who steals something there has really understood nothing.

The damage to SBG seems to me to be almost greater than it is to me personally. What it means for the future of SBG is open. The robbery was no advertisement for other artists to exhibit there. But I appreciate the SBG on the ground floor for good reasons and don't want to be intimidated. That's why I'm now leaving the pictures hanging until June 1st.

I do not want to make it too easy for the thief(s) to enjoy my works. That my pictures might please, I like of course, but that could be said or understood to me, but please not in this way. And the pictures would only have been suitable for heating for a short time, but the weather would not fit.

So my request to you would be to help, not to leave the thief any serene joy in the pictures, by posting the photo in your social medias or sharing my contribution with FB. It would also be a  sign for the future that thieves feel neither safe nor comfortable with their prey.

I would like to thank you very much for the active sympathy you have shown so far and for your support in advance!

Merci many times!

May 19, 2018 Extension of the exhibition until Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday before Whitsun was not an ideal date for the finissage. Therefore the exhibition is dead or alive due to the high demand extended until June 1, 2018. Open as before Monday to Friday from 13 - 17 o'clock in the STELLWERK BASEL GALERIE. I will be happy to show starry swarm clips on my computer by prior arrangement.

11. May 2018 Finissage on Friday, 18. May, at the STELLWRK BASEL GALERIE as well as on the tracks at St. Johann station.

I am very much looking forward to numerous visits to my exhibition, especially to the aperitif for the finissage on Friday from 5 pm. A good Whitsun weekend can be perfectly started with an aperitif on Friday evening, can't it? If the weather is nice, also directly on the tracks.

I am looking forward to your visit - welcome :)

Merci !

3 May 2018 Admission to the competition for a project contribution to Kunstkredit Basel

It was with great pleasure that I received today the news from the Basel Culture Department that I will be able to compete with my starling projects for a project contribution to the renowned Kunstkredit Basel. Also thanks to the friendly cooperation of the Basel Culture Department and the Stellwerk association - many thanks! The Kunstkredit Basel was founded in 1919 and is thus probably one of the oldest instruments for promoting artists in the city. I wish the jury, which will announce its results by the end of May, a good hand and of course every success to my stars :)

4 April 2018 Voice for the exhibition

This friendly voice to my exhibition reached me today by mail, thank you very much!

"Your exhibition at the Stellwerk is very successful, exciting pictures and a text that clearly shows your depth and farsightedness. The pictures are modern "momento mori" and immediately captivated me. A great exhibition that can also be shown in larger rooms".

Dirk Schulz, theatre director, Basel

31 March 2018 "dead or alive" - Exhibition of 22 works on canvas

The exhibition is part of the unofficial crowdfunding for the immersive installation

from 3 April to 18 May 2018 in the STELLWERK BASEL GALERIE

In fact, even before the swarms of starlings, there were themes that interested me aesthetically and that I transformed into pictures ... In this way I provide an insight into my works on the theme of symbols from the years 2005 - 2008.

Text about the exhibition:

"Dead or alive" is the title of my new exhibition and sounds like black or white. But here there are two contrasts that are particularly suitable as symbols, one of my focal points in photography. Death is sometimes found in religious contexts, but not only. It belongs to life, but it is often tabooed.

Singular killing, on the other hand, as in the Holocaust, I can only depict abstractly from the Holocaust memorial in Berlin - if at all. Too incomprehensible, too inscrutable, to be able to adequately show this horror of a nation as an image. The fact that even such abstractions have an aesthetic inherent in them, as well as a delimiting barbed wire fence that could symbolise hardness, violence and death, also shows the manipulative possibilities of photography.

The Hill of Crosses is the national symbol in Lithuania, because the Soviet occupation in the 60s and 70s repeatedly rolled this hill of crosses flat with bulldozers, but each time new crosses stood on the hill again within a very short time. A symbol for death and resistance at the same time.

Vividness can be depicted and depicted in many ways. Children upside down on a trampoline, tender streams of water in the Wadden Sea from the air, which remind of human blood vessels, or a neon light advertisement with a woman's body on St. Pauli as examples.

At STELLWERK BASEL I show 22 works on canvas in the formats 30x30 cm, 30x45 cm, 60x90 cm and 90x90 cm.

Why now an exhibition with this title?

The starlings-Projects dominate my days at the moment. The immersive installation challenges me: technically, conceptually, organizationally, and financially.

But there are more than just encouraging signs, partly from first-rate partners, that confirm my belief that this all-round video installation will actually be in a very good framework in Basel. At best, however, in autumn this year. In addition to the search for partners for rooms and technology, I am also engaged in fundraising through public funds, foundations and sponsors. The financing will be rounded off in September with a "real" crwodfunding campaign. Alone by the five necessary Beamer, which I would have to borrow or rent for 3 weeks, the costs rise enormously. The total costs can hardly be kept below CHF 20,000 - depending on the partners.

The unofficial crowdfunding now means that with every sold picture from my exhibition I gain time to work directly on the video installations or to win further partners or sponsors. The exhibition of the Staren pictures will most likely soon be shown again elsewhere. In order to have an advantage from exhibitions, I use existing works here. I have been working on the subject of symbolism for years and therefore have a certain fund of exhibits at my disposal. The selected works of this exhibition are quite broad in their title.

Moreover, the following still applies: whoever buys a pictures not only gives me time for my installation projects, but also receives the invitation and admission to the vernissage of the immersive installation, I promise!

I am looking forward to numerous visits and am available for guided tours by appointment.

Info: STELLWERK BASEL GALERIE, Vogesenplatz 1, hall on the ground floor, 4056 Basel | Tram 1 | Exhibition from April 3 - May 18, 2018 Mon-Fri from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. each. Guided tours and/or films by appointment.

29 March 2018 NABU Freiburg wishes me every success - invitation from the TRUZ in Weil am Rhein for the "Forum Nature Photography" - many thanks!

Fortunately, the Nature Conservation Union (NABU) Freiburg has joined me for my starlings-projects, which makes me very happy! Even at the risk of becoming monosyllabic, all three film and installation projects are costly: technical, conceptual, organisational and financial. Therefore, I am very grateful about every partner who supports my work. If my work about the starlings can contribute to more attention and awareness of their situation, I would be very happy.

"NABU Freiburg supports the photo, film and installation projects of the photographer Lutz P. Kayser, which he would like to produce from the film material of his four-week documentary of starlings in Huningue near Basel in autumn 2017. NABU Germany has named the starling "Bird of the Year 2018" because its population in Germany and Europe has fallen drastically over the past 30 years. This is due to fewer breeding sites in the caves of old trees and a deterioration in the food situation as a result of intensified agriculture. With its situation, the starling is representative of many other bird species.

The swarming of starlings is a unique natural spectacle that hardly any other bird species can come up with. Already in the early summer, troops of young birds and unpaired starlings form directly after the first breeding season. The nearer the autumn moves, the bigger the swarms become. Central European starflights reach their maximum numbers in September and October - shortly before departure to Southern and Western Europe.

NABU Freiburg wishes Lutz P. Kayser every success in the implementation of his starlings-swarm-projects".

Also the Trinational Environmental Centre (TRUZ) in Weil am Rhein has planned my participation in the "Forum Nature Photography" in the coming autumn/winter in the Statdtbibliothek in Lörrach. Thank you very much for this as well! The series will - hopefully - be continued in loose succession.

17. March 2018 Hamburg law firm acquires 15 pictures - the unofficial crowdfunding lives on

The tax consulting firm Marcus Wilp GmbH from Hamburg has recently acquired 15 (in words fifteen!) works on canvas. These are predominantly maritme motifs, also from Hamburg harbour, but also partly abstract, partly aerial, and some works in black and white in formats from 30 x 30 cm to 90 x 60 cm. They had been hanging for a while in the office for rehearsals and Marcus Wilp chose one of the best moments to purchase them, thank you very much. "I still like them very much and also visitors praise the coherence of the rooms with the pictures", said the owner of the office about the purchase. Two places at the vernissage of the immersive installation are thus safely and firmly reserved for him. Whenever and wherever it takes place. A most pleasing example of the unofficial crowdfundingd! With such a purchase the chances increase that there will be this all-round installation. Thank you very much!

5. February 2018 My small exhibition is now to be seen and extended for the last time until 16. February in the STELLWERK BASEL GALERIE. I am happy to show film clips of the swarms on the computer by appointment.

The first contacts with possible, first-class partners in Basel for the two planned installations were more than very encouraging. However, it is still too early to name names. I very much hope to be able to show at least one of the two planned installations fully assembled in Basel this summer. But at the moment I am still at the beginning of my projects.

Also the unofficial crowdfunding continues. Explanations to it under: downloads on this web page. Rarely there was a better time to buy pictures of me... ;) Film screenings on the screen at the Stellwerk Basel are possible for small groups of five or more people by appointment. The best days would be from 9 - 16 February, then also Saturday and Sunday.

Here are some impressions of the exhibition and of the mini version of the planned video installation. But please be careful: for the finissage I only wanted two beamers to create a tender idea of this palntn all-round video installation, which will eventually be installed with at least five beamers plus possible Super-8 projectors.

I'm really looking forward to more new visitors to my exhibition, merci!

29. January 2018 Extension of the exhibition "Schwärmen von Schwärmen" in the STELLWERK BASEL GALERIE until 16. February 2018.

The unofficial crowdfunding started at the finissage and will continue until the start of the real crowdfunding campaign. Explanations under: downloads on this website. Welcome & merci :)

25. January 2018 Today is the day for the finissage.

A big day for small birds, many small birds, the starflights from Huningue, which almost nobody noticed. The beta tester was enthusiastic about the 15 minutes of footage yesterday - I was very happy about that and it's not self-evident at all. Because these 15 minute flying starflights are the "pre directors cut", so to speak. That is, from the total 180 minutes of clip material of the swarms, I mounted these 15 minutes, but quite roughly. Therefore, it's practically a look at my computer desk when editing films.

I am very curious what it will be like later. From my point of view these starlings deserve every attention. These starlings are true artists. Thanks for coming!

19. January 2018 Since the publications unfortunately do not clearly state what can be seen where and when for clarification:

- small exhibition in the STELLWERK BASEL GALERIE at the finissage, as well as Mon-Fri 13-17 Uhr until 25 January 2018
- only with agreement with me there is Mo-Fr 13-17 o'clock in addition also in the studio film clips to see until 25 January 2018
- the essay film will be shown in summer 2018 at the earliest
- the all-round room video installation including the ceiling will be on view in summer 2018 at the earliest
- the projection on large white house walls in Basel will not be seen until summer 2018 at the earliest -

Especially all projects marked with - at the earliest in summer 2018 - will be very time-consuming. This means that it will take several months to select the right material from the 150 or so existing film clips, to compose and assemble them. The costs for the beamer technology & co. for the two installations - depending on the design of the projects - could probably hardly be kept below CHF 20,000.

January 15, 2018 Because the friendly press releases in Basel today did not make it quite clear:

for the finissage on January 25 in the STELLWERK BASEL GALERIE there will already be clips, assembled and raw material of the starlings documentary to be seen. Everything else is unfortunately a sad illusion. Within two weeks I will never be able to make the 10-minute essay film and certainly not the all-round video installation. It's about 150 clips that were made in those four weeks. I really need a lot of time to get an overview in order to be able to assemble the sequences bit by bit. To gain this time, the unofficial crowdfunding starts on January 25th.  With every sold picture I gain time to either work directly on the material or at least to win partners for my projects. With this in mind, many thanks for your understanding and patience, merci!

Please also see my text from December 2017 about the origin of my work and my plans. Under downloads on this website. Merci. article in 20min.

Article in 20min

8. January 2018 New Year's aperitif at the STELLWERK BASEL GALERIE for the finissage on 25. January 2018

In order to be able to realize all my projects I will create a crowdfunding for it for the first time. So far it is an unofficial crowdfunding. But first talks have been held and therefore I am optimistic to find an official crowdfunding partner in the coming weeks and months. This small exhibition in the STELLWERK BASEL GALERIE makes the beginning to unofficial crowdfunding. With the purchase of a picture, guaranteed access to the vernissage of the all-round room video installation is acquired at the same time - whenever and wherever it takes place - to which absolutely no drugs have to be consumed in order to get into intoxicated conditions. Promised!

18. December 2017 STELLWERK BASEL GALERIE from 18. Dec. 2017 - 25. Jan. 2018

Schwärmen von Schwärmen. Unique à Huningue.

Swarms of starlings in Huningue, F
as photography and essay film
by LUTZ P. KAYSER, 2017

In the STELLWERK BASEL GALERIE 15 small-format and seven large-format pictures can be seen. Film footage of the swarms of stars can be seen by appointment and at the finissage.

6. December 2017 The newsletter December is now online under downloads for reading or downloading.

"This is about the night market in the Stellwerk Basel, my studio community in Basel on Friday, December 15, 2017 from 5 p.m. to midnight (...) My wish and goal is to make a larger exhibition out of the approximately 100 GB of photo and film material, to realize an essay film of about 10 minutes, to create an all-round installation on four walls of a room including the ceiling of the film images and to throw some excerpts from this installation very large on white house walls in Basel, Saint Louis and e.g. Lörrach. Yes, I have a lot of plans for that. But at least there were first, encouraging conversations with TV stations and nature conservation associations.  It is clear that it will take a few weeks, perhaps months, to rework and prepare my material. I am at the very beginning. In order to have a chance to realise my plans, I will be setting up a crowdfunding project for the first time. But that also needs to be formulated. A first step to the crowdfunding project will be that I will exhibit a preview of the picture in small formats at the Stellwerk Nachtmarkt and offer it for sale. The purchase of a picture then also includes an invitation to the vernissage of the all-round installation (whenever and wherever), to which absolutely no drugs have to be consumed in order to get into intoxicated conditions. Promised!

November 3, 2017 The star has just been voted "Bird of the Year 2018" by Nabu. In Huningue, near Saint Louis, near Basel, thousands and tens of thousands of starlings have gathered since the beginning of October to continue their flight to the south. For four weeks now, I have been on site almost every day to document this natural spectacle. Since I can't show any movies on my website, here is the link, click here: Facebook page .

However, the last days were much less days with starlings. No comparison to last week. It gets too cold for them.

October 9, 2017 My first music video went online (click here: youtube ). It's the song "Sound on me" by Patty Moon. My part in it is the film work

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November 3, 2017 The starling has just been named "Bird of the Year 2018" by the Nabu. In Huningue, near Saint Louis, near Basel, more and more starlings have been gathering since the beginning of October to fly south. I've been there almost every day for four weeks to document this natural spectacle. Since I can not show any movies on my website, here is the link, click here: Facebook page. It was the last few days but significantly less starlings on the ground. No comparison to last week. It gets too cold for them.

October 9, 2017 My first music video went online (click here: youtube). It's the song "Sound on me" by Patty Moon. My part in it is the film work

Thank you very much to all my partners for the friendly cooperation in my "Portrait-Shootings incl" in August 2017!

Sat 5 August Café Bar Rosenkranz, Basel Sun.

6th August Saint-Louis-Buvette, Basel

Fri. 11th August BUFFET at the signal box, Basel Sun.

13th of August Café Villa Merian, Basel

Davidseck Basel

Werkschau / retrospective Exhibition: 19. - 26. August 2016 Working from: Lust auf Meer, 2016 | Symbols part I, 2008 | Picnic by the sea, 2006 | Nouvelles tendances abstraites, 2005 Daviseck Davidsbodenstr. 25 CH - 4056 Basel                                                                                                                                                                                                

Symbols - Part I

by Lutz P. Kayser

Photographs 35 x 35 inches and 35 x 23 inches on Canvas

Exhibit: 14th June - 12th July 2008

Opening: Friday, 13th June 2008 at 7 p.m.

Sautter + Lackmann, Arts Bookstore

Admiralitätstr. 71/72, 20459 Hamburg

Mo. - Fr. 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sa. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone 040/ 373196


Galeries Artitude Paris

shows a choice of symbol - part I

Exhibit: 2nd - 13th of October 2008

"L´art contemporain international"

Galeries Artitude, Village Suisse

4, av. Paul Déroulède

75015 Paris

An introduction to the first cycle

An essay of Barbara Glindemann, art historian to the fourth exhibition of the hamburger photographers Lutz P. Kayser, with the title „symbol – part I“ in the bookstore Sautter and Lackmann.

Lutz P. Kayser introduces in this first cycle interpretations in the form of series and single photographs on the subject „Nearness – distance“. 22 Prints are shown at canvas: Size 35 x 35 inches and 35 x 23 inches in the portrait format, horizontal format or squarely.

In this short introduction I would like to speak of photographic symbols and the especially atmospheric kind of the expression photograph of Kayser. Just his symbolic photos have opened Kayser the doors to the famous agencies. I will begin with some remarks about the subject „Nearness – bring near to distance“ and then with the help of the following three leading questions me to the genre of the symbolic photograph and before this background venture some careful interpretations: 1. What is a symbol? 2. How does a photographic symbol originate? 3. How does Kayser generate photographic symbols by means of specific unsharpness? The subject of the issued photographs confronts the concepts Nearness and Distance with each other and produces a contrast. This antithetische configuration is of use Kayser for the photographic play with the observation of the world. Nearness and distance can be separated neither of each other, nor are actually possible to experience both at the same time. If we look at things at close range, we lose the distance. If we look at things from the distance, we lose the nearness. The distance brings us an overview and clarity. The nearness can make the border between space and body fluently. The beauty of structure and small details becomes suddenly visible. It is in such a way as if one could look into the things. In the area between nearness and distance the play begins with reality and fiction. Penetrating into smaller and smaller worlds.

The approx. 8-sided text will be available shortly completely as a download on this website. To begin with he stands on inquiry by eMail at possession.


Enquiries for photographs, formats, frames and materials

– guaranteed in limited edition of 100 prints – please to:

Representative Germany

Multiple Box Hamburg

Admiralitätsstr. 76

20459 Hamburg

Tel.: 040 - 37 51 75 10


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